The Beginning

I’ve been kicking around to idea of starting a blog for a while now and decided there could be no better time to start than New Years Day. Well, I’ve only got 32 minutes left of January 1, 2013 so I better type quickly. I am really not sure yet of the exact purpose of this blog or what it will become. That’s okay. If there is one thing I have learned over the last year, it is that whatever vision I have is usually child’s play compared to what the Lord has planned. I’m probably going to continue learning that in 2013, too…and in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, you get the picture. The title of this post is the beginning, which seemed appropriate. After talking to my mother and my BFF since 1st grade and being told I should start at the beginning, that is precisely what I’ll do. Just one problem…I have absolutely no clue where the beginning is and trying to find it is kind of like trying to find a clear earring back that has been dropped in green shag carpet (i.e. impossible). I suppose I could start at the beginning of my life, or maybe the beginning of my school years, the beginning of high school, college, or any number of significant periods of my life. Rather, I think I’ll let this be the beginning. For now. I can worry with back tracking later. Believe me, I have plenty of material. So this is it. 2013. The beginning of my last semester at Auburn. The beginning of new experiences. The beginning of job searching. The beginning of…there is no way I could possibly know. So here it is. My blog. I am not hilarious like some of my friends. I am not über artsy (wannabe). I can’t sing or play instruments. My passport only has stamps from central america and I love my electric blanket. I like to think I am an avid coffee connoisseur and have flawless taste in music, but who am I kidding?? I am perpetually 5 minutes late. I once made a chocolate pie that was more like chocolate soup (is that really a bad thing?). I only cry over orphans, my room is always a wreck, and I pride myself on the fact that I have never gotten a speeding ticket. I get mad about dumb things and am always grumpy in the mornings. I say things I shouldn’t and don’t say things I should. I am imperfection. And this is my journey to accepting my imperfection and being made perfect by the only one who ever was perfect…Jesus. Happy New Year y’all.

P.S. published with 9 minutes to spare!


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