I Don’t Want to Be Cool…

…I want to be obedient. Please forgive me if at any point I cease to make sense. I’m coming off a Disciple Now weekend with 9th grade girls where I was filled to overflowing with both the Holy Spirit and coffee, and may or may not have had one too many conversations involving Justin Beiber. So today at lunch my Dad told me that because I have a nose ring and am currently sporting blacknail polish that I was cool. And he would be right. Or maybe not. He’s my Dad. He has to think I’m cool. I’m really not that cool. True, I wear only skinny jeans, I like to spend time in coffee shops, thrift shops, and antique shops, Bob Dylan is on my “most played” itunes playlist, and I have more dreams about adopting kids than getting married…but I also I watched Mary Kate and Ashley’s Passport to Paris circa 1999 three nights ago. By myself. And I L.O.V.E. LOVE Taylor Swift. Both of which completely negate anything in my life that is “cool”. And, truth be told, I don’t care. What I do care about is being obedient. I’ve been spending a lot of time with Paul (formerly known as Saul) and have come to the conclusion that he was never really that cool either. To clarify, Paul in scripture, not a currently living, breathing, physical person named Paul, but Idigress. What Paul was was obedient. He was willing to endure persecution like I, in my comfortable American bubble, can’t even begin to wrap my head around. He spent much of his life traveling, preaching, serving,loving, imprisoned, stoned, and hunted. When he chose Jesus as theruler of his life, he was guaranteed a life of hardship, which is hardly an adequate description. But still, through it all, he was obedient. He was obedient because he was living for Jesus who was the ultimate example of obedience as he “became obedient to death…even death on a cross.” (Phillipians 2:8) So. Here it is. My desire. Above all else, I desire to be, like Paul, obedient. Whatever that looks like, wherever it takes me. That’s what I want. I just  hope God never asks me to give up my freshly brewed cup of black caffeinated joy.Image


One thought on “I Don’t Want to Be Cool…

  1. I think your desire to obedient to Christ makes you the coolest in my eyes and no doubt in His eyes as well blessings to you as you live out your obedience to Him each day.

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