Imperfection Bakery- And It’s Not About Aprons

Okay, so I have been arguing with myself as to when to disclose my true intentions for this blog. Well, I’m not sure which part of myself won out, but here it is. I have entered the Dell Social Innovation Challenge with this proposal and my success is largely dependent on you. Please read on because I really need your help.

“It all started when my two passions collided…loving people and baking treats. I was standing in my kitchen talking to my mom about 8 months ago, just trying to think of what I wanted to do after graduation. It is still a little fuzzy to me exactly how the conversation took the direction it did, but before we knew it, my mom and I had created the foundation of a dream. I have been raised to believe that my purpose in life is to love and care for others, no matter what their past. As a hunger studies minor and someone who has had a great deal of expireince working with people who have experienced physical oppression, I know that I don’t want a conventional job. I want to make a difference. Enter that bakery. Since I was a little girl, my love language has been baking and cooking for the people I care about. I have worked with caterers, in a bakery, learned from other chefs, and had my own share of successes and failures in the kitchen. Bottom line, what happens in the kitchen is a key part of my life. It breaks my heart to know that there are men, women, and children around the world who do not know the simple joy of a freshly baked, warm, gooey, chocolate chip cookie or who have never had a birthday cake. Things we take for granted everyday. Imperfection Bakery would serve as a teaching ground for women who have been one of the 27 million people currently enslaved around the world. Many times, women are rescued and restored through a transitional living facility, but they still lack the skills and resources needed to acquire jobs and support themselves; skills and assets like a letter of recommendation from an employer, a job to place on a resume, and skills to talk about in an interview. Imperfection Bakery would take in classes of 8-12 women for a given period of time, teach them things like pastry and baking skills, how to cook, how to garden, waitressing, how to manage finances, how to work with others, while restoring their humanity, dignity, and value. As part of the program, these women would have all their physical needs met through awarding them a scholarship for their participation. This scholarship will be used to buy groceries, pay bills, and buy necessities, all the while teaching the women how to manage their personal finances. The name “Imperfection Bakery” comes from our philosophy on people and our philosophy on food. Our philosophy on people comes from our belief that no matter how imperfect our past, we are still beautiful and loved by the One who created us. As for the food, I don’t want it to look like it just came out of a magazine. I want it to look like it was made with love in my grandmother’s kitchen. It will still be fresh, organic, local, and delicious, but it will not look perfect. All food prices would be a suggested donation, but if you want to pay more or less, you can. The goal locaiton is in Highland Park, TX, a community in Dallas. The reasons for selecting this location are that Highland Park is a wealthy area that has the means to support a high-end, farm-to-table, organic bakery, but also has the personal infrastructure and support system I would need. So there it is. Imperfection Bakery. Loving people. Doing good. Baking treats.”

So now you know and this is what you can do…VOTE!!!! Below, there are instructions for how you can vote for my project. I can win $2,500 based on your votes and up to $60,000 if my project places. You have until February 18th. Go to, select “register” in the top right corner, fill out your information and select “general population”, you will receive a confirmation email for your account. Once you confirm, select “discover and vote”, search “imperfection bakery” and my project will pop up. Click it, vote for it, pray for it, and keep your fingers crossed!!!


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