Voting Instructions

Okay, so some of you have asked for better voting instructions, so I hope this helps. Six easy steps and it should take you less than 5 minutes. 5 minutes to potentially change the life of a woman trapped in the bonds of slavery. Vote. Just do it. 

Step 1. Go to This will be the page that pops up. In the top, right hand corner click “register”





Step 2. This will be the page that should come up. Fill in the information. For the “how do you want to participate” question, select “general public” or population or the one that means that. I think it’s the first one. After filling out this information, you should receive a confirmation email. You are registered at this point, but if you try to vote it will tell you that you have not confirmed your account. If it fails to send you an email, I think you can prompt it to send again. 


Step 3. After you confirm your account, click “register and vote” (it is highlighted yellow in the screen shot below). All the projects will then come up. 


Step 4. In the “narrow results” box, type in “imperfection bakery” and click “apply”


Step 5. My project pops up! It has more votes now, which is AMAZING!!! Click on “Imperfection Bakery” or the picture. Your choice. 


Step 6. Last one! The screen below comes up when you select my project. In this screen shot, I had already voted, so below the black video screen it says “voted for” and “follow”. Your screen will say “vote” and “follow”. Click “VOTE”. You did it! 



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