I’m not so sure how theologically sound this may be, but sometimes I think the only appropriate reaction to the ways the Lord works is to just laugh because you are so in awe of His mysterious and divine ways. Or maybe it’s because laughter is my response to any situation I don’t know how to handle. Consequently, I laugh a lot. One of those laugh-worthy moments occurred about two weeks ago. Because of my minor, I have this wonderful teacher/mentor/friend who has more connections than anyone else I know, except maybe my grandmother. She asked if I might be interested in helping her friend with social media for this incredible social business, G.E.A.R. by Re-Invention, that serves homeless and recovering women. My response was something like, “Duh.” and may or may not have included excessive punctuation. This was a laugh moment. Why? Because it was coming on the heels of so many things related to the future of Imperfection Bakery and this was the moment that sent me to the point of being absolutely overwhelmed by God’s goodness. 1 Thessalonians 5:24, “To those He has called, He is faithful. He will surely do it.” Yep. Kind of says it all. Anyway, I have since met the founder of G.E.A.R., Kellie Guthrie, and am totally in love with her vision. She and the women she serves make the most beautiful bags, throws, trays, ottomans, and other items out of recycled materials. This morning my dear friend Devin and I visited the home of G.E.A.R., which is in an old firehouse in Montgomery, AL. Most people would have likely disregarded the firehouse as beyond repair. Not Kellie. That women has some serious vision. Just like she sees the potential in each woman she interacts with, she sees the potential in fabrics and in this firehouse. It was such a privilege to see the space where such an incredible thing is taking place. Kellie is serving the person right in front of her through G.E.A.R. and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of her business. Take a minute to check her out and look at all the stunning things she is creating. 


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