Get Me On A Plane

It’s been a while, so hi again. I really have no excuse for the hiatus. School I guess. Which is over in two weeks!!!! One week of class and one week of finals, perhaps my last finals week for life. It’s too bizarre, so I don’t really think about it to much. But, here’s the kicker! Even though I am done with classes and tests, I still have an internship to complete before Auburn will give me a piece of paper saying that I took a bunch of tests and wrote a bunch of papers, which makes me qualified to ummm…..TBA. In the mean time, I am getting on a plane. In fact, one month from tomorrow I will be headed to Diriamba, Nicaragua to complete my final FINAL semester of undergrad at the Emmanuel Home of Protection. Then, a job. I hope. Just looking at the pictures make me want to squeeze some Nicaraguan kiddos like, now! Patience has never been my greatest virtue. My apologies. Pictures of cute kids for your viewing pleasure. ImageImageImageImageImageImage


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