Uncertain. That would be an accurate description of the past few days. My family and the rest of the Norman Stevens team should be in Nicaragua right now. Instead, only handful of us will be here, ready to share the love of Jesus to the people of La Fundadora. The rest of the team is set to arrive Monday, about 48 hours later than they were to originally arrive. It’s been a bit of an emotional roller coaster, I think more so for them than for me. I’ll go meet part of the team tonight and we will go ahead of the rest of the group. I went to bed last night feel discouraged and frustrated. This morning, I awoke with a feeling of excitement, expectation, and adventure. The Lord has reminded me continually today that He has crafted every detail of this trip before the universe was set into motion. And, as we like to say on these trips, “God is good, all the time. And all the time, God is good.” But God is not good because He does things we perceive as good. God is good because he himself is the definition of goodness. Naturally, the things that follow him are good, whether I think they are good or not. So, because God is goodness itself. And because he has crafted this week, this week will be good. I am continually overwhelmed that He would allow someone like me to take part in His work, whether in La Fundadora, Nicaragua or Auburn, Alabama. I am overwhelmed with anticipation over the things He will do this week. Dios es bueno. Todo el tiempo.


One thought on “Goodness

  1. Amen my daughter. Psalm 139 was our sunday school leason this morning. Perfect verses. Wish we were there. Waiting is not my strength as you well know. I am praying that HE wills for us to be there on that muddy mountain tomorrow night with the others of you!

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