Uncertain part 1

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, partly because the last two weeks have been insane and partly because when I think about trying to write I become so overwhelmed that I quit before I even begin. So, in a last ditch effort to share the last two weeks, ill be posting my journal entries (edited, of course. You don’t need to know everything) as a multi-part post. So, here goes. “I’m a bit stuck as to where I should begin. To say that the last two weeks have been busy would be an intensely unfair understatement. A more accurate description would be something like this ‘the-two-weeks-that-were-so-crazy-they-could-leave-me-comatose-for-two-weeks’ weeks. I regret not writing as the weeks unfolded, because although they were exhausting weeks, they will be some of my most treasured. I’ll back this up to June 22, because its only right to start at the beginning. The Norman Stevens team that was to fly in on a private plane was postponed until Monday morning at this point. So, I went to the mission home to play hostess to the eight others on that team that were coming in Saturday. Those were Meagan, Jordan, Emily, Amanda, Mrs. Karen, Kathryn, Lauren, and Abby. This was a first trip for many of the group. We were all a little confused and discouraged that the rest of the group was not yet with us, but we took the time to bond as a small group. Because the days in the village were pushed back, our group of 9 went to church Sunday morning, then took a fun day an went to the market in Masaya, had lunch at Narcy’s, had a passport stolen, and nearly got caught in an acid rain storm at the volcano. It was a pretty fun day. By this point, we were finally catching on that the week would be a little out of control. Did I mention all of our supplies were still in customs? Because Abby had her passport stolen, that meant she would be staying in Managua while our group of 8 strong joined the team of Nicaraguan doctors, dentists, translators, and band to prepare the village of La Fundadora for the arrival of the entire team Monday night. We were all looking forward to the other 60 or so North Americans joining us on Monday night after an emotionally draining few days. Meagan was especially excited to have her parents finally make it because…well….I’m getting ahead of myself.


One thought on “Uncertain part 1

  1. I think I may know a little of where this story’s going. 😉 Wouldn’t trade a millisecond of any of it!

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