Uncertain part 2

Monday morning came and the 8 (9-Abby. Passport.) of us were packed and ready to go on to La Fundadora with the interpreters and Nicaraguan staff. This was our lead missionary, Omar’s first team to lead out and he and his wife had been preparing La Fundadora to receive our team for weeks. He later let us know that only one team was allowed in the entire province each year and that team was us. The week had barely begun an we were already proving to be a memorable bunch. Then, around 9 we found out with a simple text message that the rest of the team would not be coming. The 9 of us were sitting in rocking chairs, circled up in the mission home. Once we found out, no one spoke, no one cried, we just rocked. And rocked, and rocked, and rocked, as if rocking would magically make the team appear. Honestly, I think we were just each trying to make sense of the news and make peace with what the rest of the week would be like. Very early that morning, before the plane was cancelled, Mom sent me a text not knowing what the day would bring, that when we became discouraged, read Joshua. There are 24 chapters in the book of Joshua and having no instruction on where to begin, we started with chapter one. We passed the Bible around to circle, each one reading until we were tired and then passing it to someone else. Around chapter eleven, we were interrupted and told to go get on the bus, we were going to La Fundadora. Until this time, we were all a bit unclear as to whether we would be going there because we had so little to offer. But, knowing what we did about this particular location, we had a bittersweet moment of celebration that we were to be going to the village. So, we-8 North Americans, 35 or so Nicaraguans, and a handful of BMDMI staff- headed off for a week of uncertainty. Oh, and somewhere in there we had to get Jordan and Meagan married, which at this point was becoming less and less of a secret. Between the 45ish members of our group, we all fell into place setting up and preparing for patients as the missionaries scrambled to assemble a medical team. By Monday night, we were able to have our first church service. Tuesday morning began very early, as Beatrice had staked her claim in me sometime Monday. For the past 13 or so years, there has been at least one Mullinix working in the kitchen. Couldn’t let that tradition die. Our ministries were barebones. Medical, pharmacy, eyeglasses, dental, and store. Unlike previous years, there would be no “down time” or time without work to be done. Each of us had at least two jobs and many of us three, if schedules allowed. Every spare second was spent working. For me- kitchen, children’s church, haircuts. Tuesday night I finally crawled into bed around 9:30 after a hot, yes HOT shower. Did I mention to daytime highs were in the 60s? It also rained nearly 24/7, so a hot shower in the cold rain was a Godsend. That night, I was very thankful for Advil and mine and Meagan’s princess bed. Especially since our room played host to dozens of bats. There was small comfort in the mosquito net hanging over our bed.


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