Uncertain part 3

Where was I? Oh yes. Bats. Wednesday was, for the most part a repeat of Tuesday. Emily and I traded off children’s church for the afternoon, which left Meagan and I free to start a haircutting ministry. I nearly forgot! Tuesday night, I was witness to one of the greatest surprises. Earlier during the day Tuesday, Mr. Darrel (BMDMI staff) let me in on the secret that Meagan’s parents were on their way to Nicaragua. He asked if I thought it just be kept a secret or tell her, so of course I said “secret”. Tuesday night, a small group walked into the kitchen around dinner time, with Abby, our temporarily missing team member (she got her passport) and Meagan’s parents, Teresea and Edward all trailing in. Once it registered with Meagan who she was seeing, it took about 2 seconds for the tears to begin flowing. Wedding week, remember? I won’t try to further illustrate the scene with words, as they simply aren’t enough. It was one of the most beautiful moments I’ve ever witnessed. We were all thankful to have 3 extra sets of hands to share in the work Wednesday and Thursday. The next few days flew by, as the medical staff saw 2,819 people. Until the last person was seen, we did not run out of beans and rice. It was such a divinely blessed week, reminding us that no matter how much we plan, our plans are still at the mercy of God’s plans. The entire week was such a beautiful picture of how the body of Christ should work together, serving everyone in Jesus’ name. Everyone one did their jobs, but where one left off the other picked up. There was never slack left in the work to be done. I was so reminded that God does not need me or anyone to accomplish his will. He doesn’t need our skill or our stuff or anything we can offer. It is a privilege to do the work of my Savior. He is faithful to the end, regardless of how I may interpret what is happening. After an exhausting week working in La Fundadora, we made it back to the mission home ready for a time of celebration. What better way to end the week that with I wedding! We had a relaxing afternoon after the 3 hour bus ride back to Managua. Back at the mission, a gorgeous ceremony and reception had been prepared for the evening with flowers and even a cake. The entire thing was so relaxed that Jordan even wore his chocos to his own wedding. Meagan was a stunning bride, with her father walking her down the aisle. Most of the faces in the small crowd were new friends, but were as eager to celebrate as if they were lifelong friends. I dare say, they will be now after that week. The ceremony was short, sweet, and a perfect reflection of the bride and groom, even incorporating some Nicaraguan traditions into the wedding. A more appropriate wedding and wedding week for my dearest friend could not have been organized with years of planning. Early the next morning, the Howards, Emily, Amanda, and I sent our dear friends back to the states and anticipated a day of rest. We were excited that about 30 members of the Stevens team would be coming that evening with the Kellogg team, some of whom would be going to a village and some of whom I would be taking to the Home of Protection. My mom was going to be on that plane, but in light of the previous week, I wasn’t holding my breath that she would actually make it. Good thing, because-shocker- we get the news that their plane had been postponed a day. By this point, we were rather accustomed to this sort of news and were thinking this whole thing is a little too Deja vu.


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