I’m so pumped!


Big change is coming in my life and I am so thankful that I no longer have to keep it secret. I really hate keeping secrets. A little history- in the summer of 2007, after my third trip to Nicaragua, I felt God was asking me for more than just yearly trips. As a 15 year old, that was filled with uncertainty. As a 22 year old, it is still filled with uncertainty. But, fast forward 7 years and the 15 year old uncertainty is much less. In November of 2013, after spending 10 weeks interning at the Emmanuel Home of Protection in Diriamba, Nicaragua, I began the application process for the 1-2 year sojourner program. On April 22 of this year, I had my final interview with Baptist Medical and Dental Mission International (BMDMI, for short) and on May 17, 2014 I received the news that I had received my final approval from the BMDMI Board and would begin preparing for a life-changing move to Nicaragua within the next year. After years of knowing abstractly that I would go – somewhere – anywhere – I am finally going. I have been so overwhelmed by God’s faithfulness to keep his promise and wrestle daily with the question, “why in the world would he send me, of all people?” But every time I ask that question I am reminded, that it is not about me, it is about the gospel of Christ. I will continue to share more in the coming weeks and months as I prepare for this huge change and look forward to sending updates from Nicaragua! Thank you to each of you that have been a part of my life and have taught me to love the gospel and have a deep compassion for others. I am so glad to share this journey with you.


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